Stories for Rainy Days Volume III

Naela Ali

Rainy days always have

stories to tell, it warms us

and people we love.

It's time to cuddle with your

loved ones (or cats!),

put your blankets on,

and play some nice songs.

The stories are still going on.

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Jumat, 20 Mei 2016

Book Launch Stories for Rainy Days Volume III di Bandung

Bagaimana tanggapan para pembaca dan penikmat karya Naela Ali pada Peluncuran Buku Stories for Rainy Days Volume III di Bandung? Selamat menyaksikan, Bookmanias!



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Profil Penulis

Naela Ali

Naela Ali is a Jakarta based freelance illustrator and graphic designer who also writes in her spare time. Was born in Jakarta, 23rd of July, 1992. In 2014, she has graduated from Bina Nusantara University majoring in Visual Communication Design. In the same year, she also founded a brand named

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