Journal of Gratitude by Big Bear and Bird Talk Show

Sabtu, 07 Oktober 2017

You are cordially invited! To the BOOK LAUNCHING and BOOK SIGNING of our 1st book, Journal of Gratitude - @bbbjournal

This book is full of heart -warming illustrations with words of gratitude that we think are worthy to be shared with you all!

There will be : Talk Show, Watercolor Demo, Questions and Answers, DOOR PRIZE, and of course BOOK SIGNING!

We'd love to meet each of you in person this Saturday! You support and presence mean the world to us.

1st 50 person who attend will get little goodies from Gramedia too :D


Author: Penerbit KPG



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Sarah Amijo

She’s most productive in sunny days. She loves coffee, beach, plants (but not really good in taking care of them), and anything in white color. Her passion is to draw animals that represent humans, because she believes animals have the purest hearts— she believes that humans can also be pure,

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