Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas

Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas was born in Jakarta, 19 August 1979. She studied English Literature in Universitas Indonesia, Depok (2003) and received her mastersin The Gothic Imagination from University of Stirling, Scotland (2005). She is one of the founders of Komunitas BungaMatahari, a poetry community that have embraced many poetry enthusiasts with its catchphrase “semua bisa berpuisi” or, roughly translated, “poetry for all”. She is also involved in Selatan, an online literary journal in Bahasa Indonesia, and Paviliun Puisi, a monthly open mic event open to poets, poetry communities and artists to showcase their works to an open-minded audience in a casual setting. Her poems have appeared in several anthologies, newspapers and magazines. Her poetry collections are “Kota Ini Kembang Api” (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2016) and “Non-Spesifik” (Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2017). She currently resides in Jakarta, trying to find balance between writing and day-to-day living.